Thank you for considering a sponsorship for 100 Women Who Give A Damn! We couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our individual and business sponsors

Our organization aims to gather 100+ women who will listen three smaller sized charities present their causes in a welcoming and upbeat environment.  After the presentations, attendees will vote on their charity of choice and the recipient will receive a sum of $10,000+ for their charity. Our organization helps small charities achieve their goals and make a tangible impact in their communities.

ways to support our efforts

  • Donating to non-recipient, runner-up charities 

  • Matching our contributions

  • Providing an item for our raffle

In Return you can expect

  • Your logo on our website that links to your website

  • Acknowledgement at the beginning of our event

  • Mentions on our social media & branded marketing materials to use on your social media 


Why not just split the proceeds among the three charities?

Similar groups have found that charities would prefer a 33% chance at receiving a sum that can really make a difference instead of splitting the proceeds evenly. Our organization believes in making a big impact, but we also know it takes time and resources for a charity to deliver a presentation. We welcome individual or business sponsors for either one or both of the non-recipient charities.

Thank you to our fall 2019 sponsors!