We had the privilege of presenting at the April 100 Women Who Give a Damn event.  The evening was incredibly hopeful as the room filled with over 100 women who gathered to listen and commit to joining together to make an impact for a local charity.  We were fortunate to be chosen at the recipient for the evening and thanks to 100 Women Who Give a Damn received $11,700 that will be used to support pediatric brain tumor research.  Many of our fundraising efforts require a lot of time and effort in planning an event, but 100 Women Who Give a Damn does all the planning for the charities.  They provided us an opportunity to raise a large amount of money by attending a lovely evening, mingling with women who care, and giving a five minute presentation.   In addition to the money, the evening allowed us to inform women about the mission of Winning With Wyatt and to invite them to our August 24 cocktail party.  This exposure is also incredibly beneficial to our La Grange based charity.  

I have also had the opportunity to participate in 100 Women Who Give a Damn as an attendee in the past.  I love hearing about the great work local charities are doing in our communities.  I often learn about charities I of which I was not previously aware and am happy to write my $100 check knowing it will be pooled with others to be truly beneficial to the organization.

Kim Hare, President, Winning With Wyatt