Dear 100 Women Who Give a Damn,

We are still smiling from Monday’s big announcement.

THANK YOU for giving a damn.

Thank you for believing in the work of Share Our Spare and supporting our mission. We are humbled to be selected as your first charity partner and we invite you to stay connected and come see us in action. If you are feeling inspired, check out the attached sheet for a few different ideas on how to get involved.

As you heard we are on target to provide items to more than 6,000 children this year. Your support will help us reach this goal. AND…great news, we have added a new agency to our network, Refugee One. After hearing their presentation, we were moved by their work and are thrilled to be their partner.

We promised 100 Women Who Give a Damn, that we would not automatically add you all to our mailing list…but we would LOVE make sure you hear all the news and keep in touch. If you are interested in receiving our emails, please drop us a note and add your name to our community. You can also visit us on FacebookInsta

With so much gratitude,
Amy Gudgeon
Executive Director