Continued Involvement: Spring 2019 Charities

Oftentimes we are asked how attendees can become involved with our charities post event. We’ve reached out to our Spring charities for detail! Here’s how:

Interfaith Community Partners, LaGrange: please call 708-354-9328 or signup on the the ICP website here if you are interested in learning more about becoming a driver or other opportunities such as delivering or visiting.

Home to Home Project has various volunteer opportunities including sponsoring a move, donating goods, assisting with a move either before, during or after, starting a goods drive, hosting a fundraising event and many more! There are opportunities for spouses as well — always looking for extra strong hands during move in day and involvement is usually only around one hour of their time. Sign up on their website to receive emails and learn more about various opportunities for this 100% volunteer run organization.

Winning with Wyatt is hosting a nine hole golf scramble and cocktail reception Saturday August 24th at LaGrange Country Club. For more information visit

If interested in sponsoring or donating an auction item contact at

An Update from The Danny Did Foundation

An Update from The Danny Did Foundation

I am thrilled to provide an update for you from the Danny Did Foundation.

When I left your meeting in the fall, I had tears of joy on my face. I knew that the funds raised would bring much deserved peace of mind to many homes. Your gifts provided seizure detection alarms for fourteen families in need! I’d like to share a few stories below so that you see the impact of your generosity. I am also including photos of the sweet children you helped- and of course a photo of Danny.

Apollo, 8 years old, is being raised by his grandmother. He is autistic and began having seizures last year. He has worked very hard on the behavioral issues that accompany his autism, but the seizures brought them back and he hits and bites during/after his seizures. He cannot control his little body even though he has worked so hard in therapy. Also, his seizures are severe, and he has been airlifted twice and was intubated with his last seizure.  His grandmother is very happy to know that Danny Did will provide an Emfit Movement Monitor which will be placed under his mattress and will alarm her when he is having a seizure during the night.

Hayley, 5 years old, has intractable epilepsy. Her parents have tried surgery and many medications. She is now on the Ketogenic diet and multiple new medications. Her seizures do not involve movement, but they come in clusters and she does not have time to recover in between, so she was placed into a coma recently to stop them. She will use our grant to buy a Pulseguard which will alert her parents when it detects a change in pulse/heart rate that accompanies her seizures. Her mom feels this device may be the first step toward Hayley sleeping in her own room.

Braydin, 11 years old, was seizure free for one year, but they recently returned. He was found during a recent seizure by his young sister and she is now very scared. With the DDF grant they will purchase the Embrace Watch so that his parents will always be the first to be alerted when he is having a seizure.

We were touched by the welcome we received at your event and moved by the generosity of everyone in the room. Simply put, you are doing good things ladies, and making an impact, and we are honored to call you our friends.

Best of luck with our Spring fundraiser and please do keep in touch, and lastly please refer any friends or family to Danny Did if there is ever a need.

With gratitude and respect,
Mary Duffy and all of us at the Danny Did Foundation

A Message from Winning With Wyatt

A Message from Winning With Wyatt

We had the privilege of presenting at the April 100 Women Who Give a Damn event.  The evening was incredibly hopeful as the room filled with over 100 women who gathered to listen and commit to joining together to make an impact for a local charity.  We were fortunate to be chosen at the recipient for the evening and thanks to 100 Women Who Give a Damn received $11,700 that will be used to support pediatric brain tumor research.  Many of our fundraising efforts require a lot of time and effort in planning an event, but 100 Women Who Give a Damn does all the planning for the charities.  They provided us an opportunity to raise a large amount of money by attending a lovely evening, mingling with women who care, and giving a five minute presentation.   In addition to the money, the evening allowed us to inform women about the mission of Winning With Wyatt and to invite them to our August 24 cocktail party.  This exposure is also incredibly beneficial to our La Grange based charity.  

I have also had the opportunity to participate in 100 Women Who Give a Damn as an attendee in the past.  I love hearing about the great work local charities are doing in our communities.  I often learn about charities I of which I was not previously aware and am happy to write my $100 check knowing it will be pooled with others to be truly beneficial to the organization.

Kim Hare, President, Winning With Wyatt

A Message from Share Our Spare

A Message from Share Our Spare

After our first event, Share Our Spare sent the ladies of 100 Women Who Give a Damn a special thank you. Check it out here. 

Inaugural Event Charity Roundup

Inaugural Event Charity Roundup

We couldn’t have pulled off our first event successfully without the three charities that gave their time to share their amazing work with our members. Here’s a little more about each one and some links and ways you can get involved with their work beyond the event.