Make an impact

Twice a year, we aim to gather 100+ women for one hour to contribute $100, to raise $10,000 for one local organization. Together, we can make a big difference. 

How it works


Prior to each event, we do a call for charities on our social media pages giving the community a chance to nominate charities near and dear to their heart. These charities are then vetted by our steering committee for size, the impact the donation will have, and their 501c3 status. Once vetted, the community has a chance to vote via SurveyMonkey for the three charities they want to see represented at the next event. To follow along please like us on facebook and follow us on Instagram @100womenwhogiveadamn.


Events are held bi annually in Spring & Fall at the Village Club of Western Springs and are open to everyone. Doors open at 7:00pm and presentations, charity voting and raffles takes place between 7:45-8:45. The Village Club remains open before and after the event for socializing, learning more about each charity and refreshments. This event is B.Y.O.B (napkins, cups, water is provided) and we do this to keep our operating costs under $500 for each event allowing majority of the fund to go directly to our charities.


Representatives of the three charities each make a five-minute presentation about their work and what our contribution will accomplish in their organization.


All attendees get to vote for the charity they think deserve the funds. The charity with the most votes takes home everything raised that night.


All attendees bring a $100 check set to be made out to the selected recipient.  The check will be collected at the time of the event and will go directly to the charity chosen.


Why not DividE the earnings equally?

Similar groups have found that charities would prefer a 33% chance at receiving a sum that can really make a difference rather than the smaller contribution. That said, our organization believes in making a big impact, so we welcome individual or business sponsors for either one or both of the non-recipient charities.  

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Yes, and the recipient charity will provide receipts for both members and sponsors of the event.